SPECI, Simulation Program for Elastic Cloud Infrastructures. BETA.

The source code of this beta version of SPECI-2 can be chacked out using subversion from https://speci.svn.sourceforge.net/speci

Please do send me an email for (positive and negative) feedback, as this is active ongoing research.

Your name and email will not be given to any third party.

The following documentation is available:

For a detailed implementation description see this paper:   Sriram, Cliff 2011: SPECI-2: An open-source framework for predictive simulation of cloud-scale data-centres 
For the initial development of SPECI see: Sriram 2009: SPECI, a simulation tool exploring cloud-scale data centres 
For further experiments, see: Sriram, Cliff 2010:Effects of component-subscription network topology on large-scale data centre performance scaling 
Sriram, Cliff 2010:Hybrid complex network topologies are preferred for component-subscription in large-scale data-centres 
For other use cases of Speci see: Cartlidge, Sriram 2011:Modelling Resilience in Cloud-Scale Data Centres 

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